YouTube has become such a diverse platform in self promotion, video production, design and much more!

The interest and demand for graphic designers and motion artists continues to increase as the platform grows, so I decided to make this YouTuber Assets Package to offer as part of my freelance work!


It includes a YouTube channel banner, video thumbnail design, end card design and an opening sequence or transition animation!


These samples shown are for the YouTuber, Taylor Nicole, who focuses on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and vlogging. The thumbnail and opening sequence is for her BeautyCon POP 2019 vlog. I also designed the banner and end card for her channel that fit her aesthetic of beauty and blush tones.


We worked together on what her vision was for her channel and the cohesive look she was going for.


All elements were created in Illustrator and Photoshop, and the sequence was animated in After Effects!