Alternative Design




MINK is a fictional magazine that revolves around a minimal to zero-waste lifestyle promoting sustainability towards a beautiful world. The name MINK is derived from the phrase "THINK MINIMAL" and by reading the articles, the audience will have a better sense of that message and be more mindful of how small actions can make big differences.


Since MINK promotes a minimal to zero-waste lifestyle, issues are only printed every season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) on reusable canvas tote bags as to not be wasteful with ink and paper print.


This is my first concept for the design of an issue. It showcases a full image on the front and article headlines on the back side which promotes the call to action to check out the website indicated!


MINK E-Newsletter Mockup:

As part of the MINK Magazine and website, I created this e-newsletter mockup for exclusive subscribers! 


It gives them a first look at upcoming issues and articles, discounts on items and a message from the chief editor.


MINK Homepage Mockup:

MINK Magazine's mockup homepage features the concept of the magazine at the top and draws the viewer's eyes down to the most recent articles available.


The overall design is meant to be consistent with the newsletter using the same earth tones and lighter colour scheme.