Burnaby Knights Basketball Team Logo
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The founder of Burnaby Knights, Corbin Castres, a basketball coach at St. Thomas More Collegiate, reached out to me for the design of this logo. We held meetings to discuss his vision for the design and the important elements that needed to be included. With this information, I began making sketches of possible logo designs and we kept in constant communication to ensure that the end result met expectations. 


Using Illustrator, I designed the full-body knight logo with the simple monochrome and red colour scheme as requested. From there, I made different renditions using the main knight image to incorporate into different types of apparel and possible media icon designs. I also created banner images with different text and image positions to be used on social media or newsletter headers.


Not only does the BK stand for "Burnaby Knights", but it also pays a subtle tribute to the recent passing of a well known and beloved teacher at St. Thomas More Collegiate, Bernie Kully. He was known as a top football coach but never failed to show great love and support for other teams at the school.


This style guide features a custom logo for the Burnaby Knights basketball team. It includes different renditions of the logo on apparel, icons, and banners.

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