Anime Revolution is Vancouver’s largest anime convention that celebrates Japanese anime, culture, gaming, and creativity. The annual summer convention is the most anticipated of their events, hosting locals and others from Washington and Alberta. This year, the weekend ran through August 9th-11th.


A key element to Anime Revolution is their original mascot, Senmei. Artists who attend the convention are invited to enter a fan art contest to draw this beloved, blue haired, enthusiastic promoter every year. After submitting mine very early last year, I received an email from the marketing team for Anime Revolution. They instantly fell in love with my style and asked if they could immediately use it for merchandise towards the next convention. 


I was beyond happy that they approved of my work outside the boundaries of an art contest and I willingly obliged.

So far, it has been used in a calendar, printed as a poster, and will soon be turned into a vinyl car wrap for the official promo car.


Car Wrap Mockup for Anime Revolution:

This is the concept I was asked to create for the car wrap to promote Anime Revolution. I rendered a 3D model in photoshop to feature my design of the mascot, Senmei, and the dates for the 2019 summer convention.

Anime Revolution Mascot Redesign